IV Therapy

The Average Joe IV Therapy

The Average Joe

Need immediate hydration after traveling, a recent illness, or an epic night out? Quickly replenish your body with important electrolytes. Dehydration reversal can make you feel like a new person in no time!

1 Liter Normal Saline

The Nerd IV Therapy

The Nerd

Vitamin B12 is one of the most valuable nutrients! Help fight fatigue, poor mood, and lack of concentration. B12 can also improve cognitive function, support serotonin production, and increase energy levels.

1 Liter Normal Saline / Vitamin B12

The Superhero IV Therapy

The Superhero

Feeling run down? Stressed? Help your body fight an illness, recover from surgery, and even help promote beautiful skin and hair. Vitamin C and Zinc have so many benefits due to their antioxidant properties. In addition to immune-boosting powers, this combo can help with brain fog and a slower metabolism. Zinc also sparks testosterone in men and estrogen in women.

1 Liter Normal Saline / Vitamin C / Zinc

The Frat Boy IV Therapy

The Frat Boy

We’ve all been there…whether it’s the stomach flu, jet lag, or a late night out, refuel your body with an added bonus. Overcome dehydration and combat symptoms such as headache, digestive issues, and fatigue. Vitamin B Complex is essential in converting food into fuel, enhancing the immune system, and promoting liver health. 

1 Liter Normal Saline / Vitamin B Complex / Zofran

Add Toradol to relieve mild aches and pains. 

The Mod-Up IV Therapy

The Mod Up

Some people take amino acid supplements to get better sleep, improve their mood and enhance athletic performance, however, oral supplements are not easily absorbed. IV therapy is 90-100% absorbed. Amino acids, also known as “the building blocks of protein” are natural compounds that combine to form proteins in the body. When proteins are digested and broken down, they leave behind amino acids. Amino acids are crucial in helping the body break down food, repair body tissue, grow, and perform many other bodily functions.

1 Liter Normal Saline / Vitamin B12 / Amino Acid Blend

The Olympian IV Therapy

The Olympian

Detox your body after strenuous athletic training with hydration and these powerful antioxidants, which will also increase strength and endurance. Glutathione shifts metabolism from fat production to muscle development and decreases muscle damage. Glutathione and Vitamin B complex can also benefit hair, skin, nails, and eyes!

1 Liter Normal Saline / Vitamin B Complex / Glutathione

The Prom Queen IV Therapy

The Prom Queen

Drinking at least 64 ounces of water every day helps to improve your skin, but that’s not always attainable. Achieve healthier skin and a radiant glow by banishing wrinkles and minimizing the appearance of pores. Biotin and Vitamin C are powerhouses in forming the proteins that build healthy skin, hair, and nails. This combination decreases inflammation and even helps regulate blood sugar by facilitating insulin. Feel and look fantastic both on the inside and out!

1 Liter Normal Saline / Vitamin C / Biotin / Glutathione

The Doctor IV Therapy

The Doctor

Reduce fatigue, improve immunity and alleviate stress! “The Myers’ Cocktail” created by Dr. John Myers is composed of essential multivitamins and other nutrients to combat many ailments. Patients with chronic illnesses such as migraines, allergies, and anxiety have benefited from this IV therapy for years. 

1 Liter Normal Saline / Vitamin B / Vitamin B12 / Magnesium / Calcium / Vitamin C

Add Glutathione to support your immune system and flush your body of toxins.